Whether you are wanting to restore original medals looking dull and shabby, or looking to purchase a new replica set, CCIWE is able to provide for your needs. We are also able to provide ribbon bars.

We are able to court-mount your originals so that they are protected from the damaging effect of banging together which could render the name around the rim illegible, lost forever. Swing mounting is available for a single medal, but we do not recommend it for multiples hung together.

Full size medals or miniatures are available made to order, all court-mounted.

Replicas are also court-mounted. Available in full size or miniature.

Many families are having replicas made for younger generations so that their family histories and sacrifices are not lost.

Fill out a form today with your specific medals required and we will get back to you with a quote. Please don’t forget to specify whether you require full size or miniature.


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