The Central Coast Interactive War Exhibit (CCIWE) is the perfect place for a school excursion, whether it is Primary or High School.

Primary School

Excursion cost: $10 per student


High School

Learning about Australian history in the authentic environments that have been recreated in this Exhibit, help put the topics they are studying into context, and is an invaluable experience for students.

Whether your students are studying the ANZAC legend & the impacts of WWI & WWII, or studying Wilfred Owen poetry, your students learning will be enhanced.

High School students may watch a short 10 minute film created by a local film company with local actors. It depicts a typical scene in wartime using the artifacts of the Exhibit. This viewing will take place in our upstairs ‘War Room’ , typically decorated in period furniture.

Excursion cost: $10 per student

Excursion cost: $10 per student

We recommend you allow 90 minutes to view the exhibit

Enquire via the button below or call our office on (02) 4324 1588